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Aug 29

Modifications to the plan for Northwest Boulevard and First Avenue improvements

Posted on August 29, 2014 at 12:20 PM by Laura Oldham

Northwest Boulevard and First Avenue ImprovementsOn Tuesday September 2 at 6PM there will be a public hearing on the city’s application for funding assistance related to the improvement to Northwest Boulevard and First Avenue. The primary exhibit will be the plan that was significantly directed by the Grandview Heights Planning Commission.

The Planning Commission was charged by City Council to:

• Address the issues resulting from the increase in employees and residents in the Grandview Yard identified by the traffic engineers, including traffic movement and pedestrian and bike safety.
• Address the concerns of the citizens on traffic movement on West First Ave, pedestrian safety, child safety around the school, loss of trees and the impact of development on other areas of the community, especially the southeast area of the City of Grandview Heights.
• Work with the school to provide safer child drop off and pick up of Stevenson children and a safer connection between school and park.

The Planning Commission recommendations now incorporated into the improvement plan include:

• The recommended improvements developed by the school and the city:
1. New raised crosswalk and speed bump on Oxley
2. New drop off area on Hilo
3. Making a portion of Parkway one way to reduce traffic cutting through Parkway and protecting the Parkway crossing
4. Reducing walking distance across the Palmer Road intersection
5. Narrowing the Oxley/First intersection to shorten crosswalk distances

• Narrowing First Avenue with bump outs at the main park entrance and the commercial block
• An intersection design at First and Northwest that incorporates a street width that saves four large elm trees and enlarges the park area
• Lane modifications on Northwest Boulevard that increase the width of the median along the turn lanes
• A reduction in the length of the proposed left turn lane at Northwest and Goodale that saves a large tree
• Eliminating a proposed northbound left turn lane on Northwest Boulevard at Burr Avenue to save trees
• Requiring the design engineer do a detailed verification of the exact tree locations before attempting a lane design
• Adding a bike path between Oxley Road and Northwest Boulevard
• Planning and installing a multi-purpose path along Burr Avenue between Woodhill Drive and Northwest Boulevard

Continuing Planning Commission work will include:

• The identification of additional capital improvements and character improvements especially within the Southeast Planning Area
• Investigating the potential of installing a bike path between Virginia Ave. and Oxley Road
• Making safety improvements to the Virginia Avenue and First Ave intersection

Here's an image illustrating the modifications in great detail below. Please visit the city's Facebook page for a larger version of this image. 

City of Grandview Heights Northwest Boulevard Improvement Plan