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Dec 07

General Street Improvements

Posted on December 7, 2016 at 10:28 AM by Laura Oldham

2016 Street Project MapUpdate from December 7, 2016

The final water line connection will be made on Haines Ave 12/12-12/13, and as a result water will be shut off in the area Monday December 12th beginning at 11 p.m. through the morning of Tuesday December 13th around 5 a.m. 

Residents may experience a short-term discoloration of their water. If flushing (letting the faucet run for a few minutes) does not remove the discoloration or if the service remains interrupted, please call the Division of Water, Water Engineering Office at 614.645.7677. 

Heavy equipment and artificial light will be used during this construction. If you have any questions, please contact Paul Baker at 614.206.4023. 

Update from November 17, 2016

Grandview Ave from 1st to Haines will be milled and paved tomorrow; they will be maintaining traffic both ways but please plan for congestion and backups during the process.

Update from October 4, 2016

Water will be turned off tonight for a water line lowering around Haines Ave. The attached map shows the affected area, and all residents in the area should have received notices. Work will begin around 9:00 p.m., and the water will be shut off around 11 p.m. If all goes well, the water will be back on at 4:00 a.m. Thank you for your patience as we complete this project.

Update from September 19, 2016

Storm sewer work will start on Tuesday, September 20 on Grandview Ave between Haines and First Ave. Work will proceed until 9/29, two-way traffic will be maintained.

Metal plates that were placed on Grandview Ave this morning will be in place for 2-3 weeks until the line is chlorinated and approved. 

Update from September 13, 2016

The Third Ave raised crosswalk is complete, and the east side will be milled and repaved to obtain the proper slope. 

The Grandview Ave/Haines Ave water line has been installed. The tie into the main on Grandview Ave is scheduled for Sunday, 9/18 after midnight. 

The Grandview Ave storm sewer has been started, installation started on Avondale at First Ave and should be completed up to Haines Ave this week. The work is now heading west on Haines, and a residential water line break is being repaired. 

Update from August 17, 2016

• Lincoln sidewalk and storm drainage is complete, base pavement is complete. Final paving done.

• Merrick/Urlin Island are complete, base pavement complete. Final pavement done.

• Third Ave raised crosswalk complete except for striping

• Burr Ave sidewalk and storm sewer improvements are in progress.

• Thomas/Timberman storm improvements in progress

• Grandview/Haines Ave, water line extension scheduled to start 8/15

Update from July 25, 2016

The contractor will begin installing the storm sewer within Burr Ave ahead of the curb, sidewalk and paving. 

Update from May 13, 2016

Parking restriction signs have been placed along Wyandotte, and resident notifications have been passed out in advance of Monday's work and traffic restrictions. Wyandotte will be one way from Third to Fifth starting Monday. 

Update from May 2, 2016

The street paving program will begin May 9. Crews will start with Wyandotte Road from Third Ave to 5th Ave, and they will start by replacing curbs. Notifications will be sent to residents this week. 

The full project includes the following:

  • Curb and ramp replacements, pavement and some storm sewer work at Third Ave. 
  • Lincoln Road from Goodale to Bluff will get a new sidewalk on the west side of the street. 
  • Urlin will be paved from Ridgeway to Merrick with new islands added at Merrick and paving on Merrick to Oakland and Oakland north to First. 
  • A raised crosswalk will be added on Third Ave. in front of the high school. 
  • A new sidewalk will go in on the west side of Bluff from the curve north to Mulford. 
  • Storm drains will be improved at the intersection of Mulford and Oxley. 
  • A new sidewalk will be added on the south side of Burr Ave. from Woodhill to Northwest Blvd. 
  • Burr Ave. will be paved in addition to curb and ramp repairs and some storm drain improvements. 
  • Storm drain improvements will be added on Thomas and Timberman from Burr to Goodale Blvd. as well as paving and curb repairs. 
  • Grandview Ave. storm sewers will be extended down Haines to Avondale south to First as well as paving and curb repairs. 

Update from March 22, 2016

The project has been bid and a contract will be signed shortly with SHELLY & SANDS, Inc. A tentative schedule will be published after a pre-construction is held with the contractor.

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