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Mar 01

Grandview Heights municipal income tax taxpayer assistance day

Posted on March 1, 2018 at 2:29 PM by Laura Oldham

Grandview Heights Taxpayer Assistance DayThe Regional Income Tax Agency (R.I.T.A.) and the City of Grandview Heights will be holding a Taxpayer Assistance Day on Friday, March 16 from 12 pm - 6 pm at the Grandview Center (1515 Goodale Boulevard, free parking is available). Any interested taxpayers wishing to resolve their RITA tax issue or seek assistance filing their current or any prior R.I.T.A. tax return may show up without appointment. Please be sure to bring a copy of your federal return, W-2’s, and any other pertinent information.

  • R.I.T.A. agents will be on-site to assist with municipal income tax preparation and reconciliation of other R.I.T.A. issues 
  • All discussions will be confidential, discreet and secure with trained professionals 
  • One-on-one, face-to-face assistance 
  • Eliminates the need to read through instructions and/or regulations 
  • Good way to mitigate future correspondence from R.I.T.A. 

Refreshments will be available. This is a great way to know that your return has been done correctly. Any questions prior to the event can be directed to Grandview Heights Tax Team member Scott Gill at 614-481-6207.