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Sep 11

5G Pole Locations

Posted on September 11, 2018 at 4:36 PM by Laura Oldham

The City has received inquiries into the location of the New 5G poles in the city. A total of 8 pole locations were approved in 2017. Six poles were installed by ACD Inc. for Verizon and one by Ohio Exchange Inc. for Sprint. Ohio Exchange will be utilizing an existing pole for one of their locations. Pole locations are listed below.

ACD “Verizon”
• South side of Bluff east of Glen.
• South side of 1st south of Palmer off Mulford Rd.
• East side of Oxley north of Goodale at the first alley.
• East side of Kramer north of Goodale.
• East side of alley between Northwest Blvd and Bobcat
• East side of Copland Road south of First Ave.

Ohio Exchange “Sprint”
• North side of alley at Spencer Research east of Grandview Ave. “attaching to existing wood pole”
• McClain Ave north of Goodale Blvd at the first alley.