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Jul 29

Improvements to West First Avenue

Posted on July 29, 2016 at 4:57 PM by Laura Oldham

First Avenue ImprovementsUpdate from July 29, 2016

Hilo Ave along Pierce Park will be closed Monday August 1 and will likely be closed for one week. The contractor needs full access to the manholes to install a liner within the sanitary sewer. The liner will prevent rainwater from entering the sewer line.

Additionally the new water line in the Hilo Alley will be completed by Wednesday August 3. Crews will be back in the alley to install a gravel base and a concrete surface.

Yard Street will be closed at Goodale Blvd beginning the morning of Friday August 5 and will reopen the morning of Tuesday August 9. The contractor will be fixing a crosswalk. 

Update from July 28, 2016

The curb work on Northwest Blvd and First Ave will be completed during the first week of August. Road paving will begin August 8. The contractor will first plane off 1 ½ inches of asphalt over the entire project, do some base repairs in selected areas and then repave the entire project with 1 ½ inches of asphalt. The contractor will make an effort to start at First Ave. Lanes will be closed and reopened as the work progresses.  

The contractor is waiting for the city of Columbus Water Division to complete its work on the Hilo alley water line. When the line is complete, the contractor is ready be complete the restoration of the alley.

Update from July 25, 2016

The contractor will be working in front of Alexander's Drive Thru to install a bump out this week, which will permit more access to the drive thru. 

Update from July 12, 2016

The contractor is working to complete the brick sidewalk along Pierce Park. When the sidewalk is complete, work will begin on a concrete gutter in front of the businesses. The contractor will also be installing a new curb in front of the drive thru. When the sidewalk is done, First Avenue will remain one way but traffic will be directed to the new intersection. Parking will be restored along the park while the gutter is being installed in front of the businesses.

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