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Sep 13

Signalized Intersection Improvements

Posted on September 13, 2016 at 12:19 PM by Laura Oldham

2016 Street Project Map Update from September 13, 2016

The retaining wall at Goodale Blvd and Grandview Ave has been removed and is being formed for a new pour. 

We are working with Columbia Gas on a gas line conflict for the Goodale/Northwest Blvd southeast support. 

The mast arms for Goodale/Bobcat have been redesigned and are in production to meet height requirements. 

Update from August 17, 2016

• Goodale Blvd/Grandview Ave intersection improvements are complete with the exception of the retaining wall. The retaining wall forms were not properly braced when poured and will need to be replaced/repaired. Structural review recommendations are being reviewed.

• Oakland/First Ave improvements are complete.

• Grandview/First Ave improvements are complete. 

• Grandview/Fire signal improvements are complete.  

• First Ave/Oxley signal improvements are complete. 

• Goodale/ Northwest Blvd the southeast support is being relocated due to utility conflicts with the mast arms.

• Goodale/Bobcat the mast arms had to go back to the manufacture for alterations to meet height requirements.

Update from July 25, 2016

The intersections of First and Grandview and Goodale and Grandview are both completed. Thank you for your patience regarding both projects. 

Update from May 17, 2016

The new signals are all installed. AEP is attaching meters to each of the controller boxes. AEP is also removing unneeded poles at First Avenue and Grandview Avenue. The contractor will pave each of the intersections to complete the work. The improvement of the First and Oxley intersection will begin when school is out.

Update from May 2, 2016

Crews will be paving at Grandview and Goodale this week. First and Grandview and First and Oakland are scheduled to be paved next week. Brick pavers are being installed at Northwest and Goodale this week.

Update from April 25, 2016

Most of the intersection work at First and Grandview is complete, including the curb and roadway improvements. The contractor is now installing the controller box that operates the signals. One more signal mast arm will be installed this week.

Update from April 19, 2016

The signal contractor has temporarily disconnected the pedestrian signals at First and Grandview Avenues. A temporary installation is underway but the connection date is unknown. Please use caution when crossing that intersection.

Update from April 5, 2016

The concrete work on the southwest corner of First Avenue and Grandview Avenue will be completed during the week of April 4th. The contractor will start work on the northeast corner when the southwest corner is completed.

The Goodale Boulevard and Grandview Avenue intersection is complete except for some fine tuning of the signal timing along with some grading and seeding. A stone veneer retention wall will also be installed at the northwest corner.

Update from March 28, 2016

The contractor is finishing the concrete work on the northwest corner of First and Grandview Avenues. Work will begin on the southwest corner of Grandview and First when the northwest corner is complete.

The intersection of Goodale Boulevard and Northwest Boulevard is proceeding along with the work on the boulevard. The new curb line on the Northwest west corner is being installed along with all of the bases for the signal poles.

Signal poles have been installed at Bobcat Avenue and Goodale Boulevard.

The concrete work for the curbs and sidewalks at First Avenue and Oakland Avenue is to be completed this week.

Update from March 22, 2016

The contractor is working on multiple locations.

A new base for a mast arm signal pole was installed at the city hall drive.

New curbs at First and Grandview Avenues will formed up during the week of the 21st.
The intersection at Northwest Boulevard and Goodale is being reconstructed along with the work on the turn lane. The intersection project is a separate project but was designed to accommodate the new turn lane. The radii of both corners will be slightly reduced and cross walks will be installed across the boulevard as well as Goodale Boulevard.

Update from February 25, 2016

Goodale/Grandview Ave traffic signals will be will be switched on Monday 2/29 and work will continue at Oakland and First Ave next week. Next we will work on the fire signal at City Hall on Grandview Ave followed by work at First and Grandview. Weather permitting these updates will included curbs and ramps.

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