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Jul 09

Grandview Heights holds second community meeting, seeks feedback

Posted on July 9, 2018 at 3:16 PM by Laura Oldham

Grandview Heights Growing on TraditionThe City of Grandview Heights held its second community meeting for its Community Planning Process, “Grandview Heights: Growing on Tradition,” on June 27, 2018, and is now seeking additional community input through a new online feedback tool.

Mayor Ray DeGraw said, “We were delighted to see the continued participation from the community at the June 27 meeting. These meetings, in conjunction with the online feedback tool, focus groups, and other engagement opportunities, will help provide a comprehensive view of the future for our community.”

At Community Meeting 2, approximately 40 residents gathered to give input and share their thoughts on thirteen areas of town that were highlighted from the information gathered in Community Meeting 1.

The online feedback tool, “will be the first online component of the planning process,” said Council President Greta Kearns. “There were a few polls floating around, but this will be the first official online poll that is part of the planning process being conducted by the City. We want to stress we are still in the preliminary stages of the process and have not drilled down to any specific projects yet. As a city, we want to ensure that we have fully absorbed the community’s input, and with each exercise we are honing in on a shared vision for Grandview Heights.”

The online tool can be accessed at and it will also be posted at The survey will be available until August 15, 2018.

To date, Grandview Heights: Growing on Tradition, has held several events:
• April – Community Meeting 1
• May – Steering Committee is appointed
• May - Steering Committee convenes for the first time
• June – Community Meeting 2
• July – Online Feedback Tool 1

McBride Dale Clarion is guiding a strategic planning process, with NBBJ working alongside to align community vision, programmatic needs and civic space and place opportunities. Ultimately NBBJ’s track of the community planning process will break off into its own track to develop a Civic Spaces and Places Plan that can be implemented by the City over a period of time.


Grandview Heights: Growing on Tradition is a community planning process for the City of Grandview Heights. This process aims to work collaboratively with residents and community stakeholders to create a common vision for Grandview Heights and drive our community forward. For additional information, visit