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Oct 02

The Tuesday Top 5: October 2, 2018

Posted on October 2, 2018 at 9:25 AM by Laura Oldham

Welcome to the Tuesday Top 5! Your source for the latest info on what is going on in Grandview Heights.

1. West Goodale Resident Ballot Initiative on the ballot 

The City’s electorate will decide Nov. 6 the fate of a petition-driven initiative to alter the boundaries of the Goodale Boulevard Greenway west of Grandview Avenue despite serious misgivings as to a financial hit the city could take if passed.

The measure calls for the repeal the existing 100-foot Green Space Overlay setback along the north edge of West Goodale Boulevard between Broadview Avenue and Wyandotte Road through imposition of a larger No-Build Zone onto privately-owned residential property between Urlin and Wyandotte roads.

The proposed No-Build Zone would extend 200 feet from the north edge of Goodale between Urlin and Wyandotte roads, a requirement reduced to 150 feet at Stonegate Village (at Westwood Avenue) and to 55 feet between Wyandotte and Lincoln roads. The ballot issue also seeks to repeal the existing Green Space Overlay protection along the south edge of Goodale between Broadview Avenue and Lincoln Road.

The measure made the ballot despite concerns of the City administration and the City Attorney that passage of this proposed ordinance could be in violation of the Ohio Constitution, the City Charter and the prescribed public process for making changes to the properties’ zoning. Several of the affected property owners impacted by the measure have objected – and the City administration agrees – that the proposal measure restricts the landowners’ property rights and fails to protect the due-process rights of affected owners.

There could be potential legal and financial exposure to the City and taxpayers if the affected homeowners subsequently claim they’ve been deprived of their ability to use their property without due process (known in the law as a “taking”). Read more: Green space letter to the community 

2. Traffic Advisory Committee

A group made up of residents, city administrators, engineers, consultants and elected officials met Sept. 19 to discuss resident and City concerns about traffic issues and pedestrian and bike safety. Specifically, the discussion centered on a list of concerns a group of residents submitted regarding traffic and safety issues on Grandview Avenue between West First Avenue and Goodale Boulevard. Volume and speed counts taken between Aug. 11 and 16 by the Grandview Heights Service Department showed that a high percentage of northbound cars are traveling at speeds of 30 to 32 miles per hour with an average speed of 32 mph. Southbound is averaging 27- 30 miles per hour with an average speed of 29 mph. The northbound traffic is clearly traveling at a higher rate of speed than posted and desired; this is not, however, entirely unexpected on a major arterial road like Grandview Avenue. The results do show that the street is being impacted. Speed limits cannot just be lowered because the street is a designated through street and state-controlled 35 mph speed limit outside a business area.

As Mayor, I lowered the speed limited to 25 miles per hour north of City Hall for safety reasons, based on the number of driveways along that stretch. As the City studies additional issues, the Committee agreed to take the following actions:

• Additional speed limit signs will be installed along Grandview Ave;
• Engineers and consultants will look at ways to slow traffic to include visual clues to prompt drivers to slow down. In general, traffic studies have shown the wider the street, the higher people speed through the community;
• The City has agreed to install signage south of Goodale to better identify the functions of three north bound lanes. The sign will cantilever over Grandview to better identify the single thru lane Grandview Avenue. The proposed sign will be installed as far south as possible to permit vehicle lane changes ahead of the Goodale intersection;
• The traffic signal timing at the intersection of Grandview and First Avenue will be studied and adjusted as committee members identified several problems faced by pedestrians crossing both streets;
• The Traffic Advisory Committee will continue working on ideas to improve pedestrian safety at northeast corner of Grandview Ave and West First Ave.; and
• The City also will study the cut-through issue on Inglis Avenue. The study will measure volume and speed on the street.

3. Public Works Complex 

The City opened bids for the new Public Works Facility at 1260 McKinley Avenue on Tuesday, Sept. 18. The City received eight bids ranging from $5.2 to $6.1 million. The project team evaluated the bids over the past week. On Monday, Oct. 1, it was recommended that the R. W. Sutterlin Building Co., the lowest and best bidder at $5.2 million, be awarded the project. The new facility will house the Service Department, the Building Department, the Parks division of the Parks and Recreation Department and necessary department storage. The project will also include a field area that is the size of a U-12 soccer field that can be programed for outdoor activities.

4. Leaf pick up

With leaf pick up around the corner, it is time to remind everyone that leaves need to be staged for pick up behind the curb or in an area alongside – BUT NOT IN – the street, since heavy rains can wash leaves into catch basins and potentially clog the storm water sewer. Leaves can also restrict runoff and create water issues on neighboring properties. Leaf pick up is scheduled to start the week of October 8th and continues into late November/early December.

5. Memorial Park

The project at the corner of Northwest Boulevard and Oxley Road continues to take shape. The 10-foot columns, one for each branch of the service, are in place. The dedication of the new plaza is scheduled for Veterans Day on Sunday, November 11th, at 3:00 p.m. That day also will mark the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, or Armistice Day, which Congress in 1954 redubbed Veterans Day. 

Grandview Heights Memorial Park

Grandview Heights Memorial Park

Grandview Heights Memorial Park
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