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Oct 31

The Tuesday Top 5: October 30, 2018

Posted on October 31, 2018 at 8:58 AM by Laura Oldham

Welcome to the Tuesday Top 5! Your source for the latest info on what is going on in Grandview Heights.

1. CoGo Expands Tri-Village Presence

The CoGo bike-sharing business recently expanded its depots around the Grandview area. Residents may have already seen the additional racks of bikes next to The Ohio Taproom along Hope at West Third Avenue; along First Avenue adjacent to the Grandview Heights Public Library overflow parking lot; along Yard Street at Burr Avenue Park; at Pierce Field; and next to Panzera's Pizza at Grandview and West First Avenues.

The CoGo network opened its first bike stations in the Grandview area two years ago with the installation of a station at the east entrance of the Market District at West Third and Edgehill. Expansion has been in the works since that time. (Read more: CoGo Suburban Expansion

City officials plan to attend a ribbon-cutting marking the expansion of the CoGo network on November 6 at the Martin Luther King Library, 1467 East Long Street. Grandview Heights, Upper Arlington, Columbus and Bexley all worked together to get $1 million federal grant to the expand the network. The grant paid for about 90% of the cost of the expansion.

New Grandview Heights CoGo Stations

2. Election Issues Reviewed

As residents prepare to go to the polls on Tuesday November 6, I wanted to review the City issues and what a “Yes” and “No” means on the three issues directly involving city government.

Issue 30 – Grandview Heights City Council has put up a ballot issue to amend the City’s Charter, a written framework on the structure of city government and the powers and duties of various elected officials. The 10-member Charter Review Commission recommended these changes after deliberating for several meetings. (Read more: Tuesday Top Five, October 9, 2018)

A majority “Yes” vote approves the proposed Charter changes as endorsed by Council.
A majority “No” vote means the recommended Charter changes will not get enacted.

Issue 31 – Some confusion remains regarding this contested issue on green space along Goodale Boulevard west of Grandview Avenue. The existing ordinance, passed in 1989 and amended in 1998 that imposed a 100-foot setback on all properties south of Goodale between Grandview Avenue and all properties north of Goodale between Broadview and Wyandotte and would replace it with a 55 to 200 foot “no build” zone between Urlin and Lincoln on the north side of Goodale. (Read more: Tuesday Top Five, October 2, 2018 & Tuesday Top Five, October 16, 2018

A majority “No” vote keeps the existing greenspace overlay in place that was passed by Council in 1989 and 1998.
A majority “Yes” vote would repeal much of the protection in the existing ordinance and remove the 100-foot greenspace overlay protection from all the properties on Goodale. It would be replaced by a no-build zone referred to above and impose land use restrictions on privately owned properties without the land owners consent that could result in city “taking” payments to those landowners.

Issue 32 - City Council in April voted 4-3 to approve Ordinance No. 2018-18, which bans medical pot dispensaries as a permitted use within the City.

The Issue 32 ballot issue, placed through a voter petition, reads: “Shall Ordinance No. 2018-08 of the City of Grandview Heights prohibiting the retail dispensing of medical marijuana within the City of Grandview Heights be approved?”

A majority “Yes” vote will retain the ban Council passed.
A majority “No” vote would rescind the Council’s ban.

(Read more: Tuesday Top Five, October 16, 2018)

Just vote sign

3. Parking Meters in Line for the Yard

Standard Parking Co. has started to prepare for the installation of metered parking in the commercial area of Grandview Yard. Contractors will be installing meters in the area bounded by Third Avenue, Bobcat Avenue, Goodale Boulevard and Railroad Street during the next few months.

The plan calls for 17 pay stations/kiosks with each station serving approximately 10 to 12 on-street slots.

The money paid for parking will support maintenance of the Yard district’s parking garages and landscape areas in the Grandview Yard.

The first meters will be activated sometime during the first quarter 2019. Garage parking will remain free.

Grandview Yard Parking Meters

4. 2019 Budgets

The Mayor’s 2019 Operating and Capital Improvements Budget will be introduced at the November 5 City Council meeting. The budget will be discussed in detail over the next few weeks. There will be more information in upcoming blog posts.

5. Two New Grandview Heights Police Cruisers

The City recently took delivery of a pair of new wheels. The 2018 Ford (Explorer Model) Police Interceptors are on the street. They will operate as cruiser #3 and #5.

Grandview Heights Police Cruiser

Tuesday Top 5 is a weekly update from Mayor Ray DeGraw and the City of Grandview Heights. For more information, visit

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