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Jul 09

The Tuesday Top 5: July 2nd, 2019

Posted on July 9, 2019 at 3:42 PM by Laura Oldham

The Tuesday Top 5: July 2nd, 2019


Welcome to the Tuesday Top 5! Your source for the latest info on what is going on in Grandview Heights.

1. City Offers Sidewalk Repair Options

The City administration has rolled out a new policy regarding the repair of residential sidewalks.
Property owners now have the option to have the City replace damaged sections of concrete for $250 per concrete panel or grind down uneven seams for $25 in situations where City trees did not cause the damage. Sidewalks that are the owners responsibility to replace or grind are marked with a green X or green stripe.

0702 Sidewalk Green X

Property owners may still do the repairs themselves or hire a contractor within the deadlines provided.

This step follows the City’s decision a few years ago to have the Parks & Recreation Department pay for concrete damage caused by City trees in the so-called “tree lawn” between the sidewalk and street curb. Those instances are marked in white paint.

I know many of you have followed legislation first proposed in late November to have the City take total financial responsibility for the upkeep of sidewalks from residential property owners. Members of Council and City Staff debated the proposed ordinance during several committee meetings and council discussions through the winter and spring.

Council members defeated the proposed legislation, 2019-15, in a 4 to 2 vote during their June 3rd meeting. Those opposing the shift of responsibility supported an administrative solution to reduce the hassle of contracting for sidewalk repairs rather than forever shifting the unknown future costs and potential liability to the City and, ultimately, to City residents who have maintained their own sidewalks over the decades and in the last few years.

This policy not only sets a cap on the cost of sidewalk replacement, it also encourages residents to more quickly address the hazards uneven or crumbling sidewalks present to pedestrians walking the streets of Grandview Heights.

The Grandview Heights Building and Zoning Department has begun their annual inspection of sidewalks. Those with marked sidewalks will receive information from the department regarding the repair options.  

2. Planning Commission Sets Goal For Plan Review

The Grandview Heights Planning Commission expects to consider aspects of the Growing on Tradition Community Plan presented earlier this spring over the next few months.

Commission members agreed at their June 26th meeting that many concepts and policies of the community plan can get quickly reviewed and endorsed in the coming months. Other suggestions, such as the potential of a formal architectural review of construction projects, will require more debate before the panel can make a recommendation to Council.

Grandview Crossing Water Building

I expect the commission to present that full report with recommendations this fall.

3. Grandview Crossing Projects Advance

The Planning Commission also approved plans for a minor utiliity structure at Wagenbrenner Development’s Grandview Crossing project at the panel’s June 26th meeting as the developer also gave a sneak peek of the timetable for the major components of the mixed-use development.

The panel approved the water meter building set within a pocket park of sorts just east of the northwest entrance into the development off Grandview Avenue.

Grandview Crossing wide view

Project architect J. Carter Bean said the addition of a covered seating area and the use of materials in the color palette of the rest of the development is meant to allow the water meter building to blend into the project, while offering an amenity for the stretch of green space along the bike path between Grandview Avenue and the first road junction inside the development.

Construction of the meter building – set just south of the NAPA-anchored retail building at 844 Grandview Avenue – and extension of waterlines into the project must take place before other projects  can get under way.

Wagenbrenner Development partner Steve Simonetti said the developer expects to announce a developer for a high-end, 177-bed senior apartment project in a few weeks. The developer also continues to work on the hotel flag.  

The residential project and two of three retail buildings slated for the Grandview Heights portion of the redevelopment of the former landfill site should begin by or in the first quarter of 2020.

The Columbus portion of the project will include a parking garage in the early construction phase to serve the entire Grandview Crossing project, a fitness center, apartments, and office space.
Council cleared the way for the projects in early March when it approved financial incentives
for the project.

I will update residents on these projects as the developer reveals details.

4. Tech Tenant Moves into 855 Grandview

Another technology-driven business from the SciTech campus on Kinnear Road has moved into the multi-tenant commercial property at 855 Grandview Ave.


WebPresented LLC, the developer and provider of a proprietary sales research and marketing software, this week relocated into 3,200 square feet on the second floor of the building anchored by the Loth Inc. office furniture business. It moved from 1275 Kinnear Road, a part of the SciTech collection of tech and incubator spaces, within Ohio State’s research park.

WebPresented COO Mark Stamm said the company began as an IT consulting firm in the early 2000s. In more recent years, it has focused its effort on development and rollout of a proprietary customer relations and management software for the sales and marketing teams of businesses in the wholesale distribution sector.

He declined to reveal employment numbers for competitive reasons, but Stamm said the company targets middle market businesses with sales between $50 million and $750 million.

The 855 Grandview building in late 2018 had attracted the interest of ScriptDrop, a provider of logistics software and a driver network to pharmacies.

Colliers landlord representative, Dan Dunsmoor, said he and colleague Ross Lanford now have the building fully leased.   

5. Saluting Family On The Homefront

As candidates for City Council and Mayor begin to circulate petitions for this November’s municipal elections, I now formally can tell you something I’ve known for many months: I will not run as a candidate for mayor this fall.

It has been my pleasure to have served this town for nearly 16 years as its Mayor after 19 years serving on various commissions, boards, and City Council. Those 35 years mark half of my life!
My tenure as mayor began just after Penn Traffic shut down the Big Bear grocery chain, which anchored what was then the City’s industrial district with its distribution operations and headquarters. This community nearly faltered financially in the aftermath of that and the 2008 Great Recession that followed nationally.

Since then, that 100 acres or so has become the vibrant mixed-use Grandview Yard and we are positioned for a strong financial future.

I thank this community for allowing me to have a front row seat to the whole transition as the administration worked with Council, the school board, Nationwide Realty Investors, other project developers, consultants and community volunteers to quickly rebuild our economic base.

What role I played in rebuilding Grandview Heights and preparing it to thrive for years to come I owe to the patience and support of my wife of 42 years, Linda; my children, Melissa and Matt; and their children.

Mayor 2

I have missed more than a few family meals and functions and had to rescheduled events to make critical meetings in the management and redevelopment of the City while contributing to resolution of community concerns and issue. For 35 years we have scheduled our lives around the City.

It seemed like my wife and I could not take a walk without me beginning stopped along the way to being asked “just one question.” Going to the grocery store to pick something up quickly could turn into a half hour discussion.  

For now, I’m planning to remain fully engaged in a number of items I would love to see finished before my term ends.

After that, you’ll still see me around Grandview Heights as Linda and I enjoy our wonderful hometown.

Meantime, have a special time with your friends and family during the Independence Day celebration this week.

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